CBSE paper leak 2018 CBSE accountancy paper leaked

CBSE paper leak 2018 CBSE accountancy paper leaked:-


CBSE 12th Accountancy paper leaked- CBSE’s 12th class paper has leaked. According to the news, the paper of the accountancy has been leaked. The CBSE 12th account paper examination was to be held today. CBSE has conduct an investigation and as per them no paper was leak. They have dismiss the paper leakage reports and term this report as the act of mischief. However few media sources have compared both the paper, the one that was circulating on 14th march and the question paper and they have found that the both the CBSE account paper matched.

CBSE accountancy paper leaked

CBSE 12th account paper leaked- As per the media reports,from Thursday morning, the CBSE accountancy paper  was circulating on the Whatsapp. CBSE can now cancel the examination that is going on today. At around ten in the morning, the account was sent to paper centers. On the news of the CBSE paper leak, Delhi’s Deputy CM Manish Sisodia has said that strict action will be taken against the culprits. He tweeted, “The CBSE’s 12th class paper has received complaints of leakage. The Directorate of Education has been asked to investigate the matter and to file a complaint about it. Strict action will be taken against the culprits so that the hard work of the students of the CBSE is not taken away. ‘


CBSE 12th account paper leaked

CBSE 15th March paper leaked- According to the news, the paper-set of CBSE Class XII account has been leaked. Copies of this paper were being shared on Whatsapp. When it was reported to Manish Sisodia, he contacted the Education Department. They were told that the leaked paper is matching to the set-II. But the Board has dismissed these allegations. According to ANI tweets, the board says that the paper has not leaked. All sealed seals are closed at all exam centers. 

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